Our Story

When the Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel started his assignment as a Technology Architect in 2005, his first public sector client after spending over 10 years in Private Sector, he was quick to realize the vast technology gaps that existed. After relentless push for emerging technologies and needs for standards for integration and data exchange, Niti Systems was formed as a DBE and MBE firm in 2019 to further push the emerging technologies.

Jignesh founded and successfully ran a Small DBE Business for 12 years since 2007. Niti Systems Consultants was formed in 2016 as a certified MBE, DBE and an SBE with the aim of providing world class consulting services for latest Technologies and Systems for Travel and Transportation industry. Our founder’s vision for smart cities, smart transit and smart infrastructure, along with our consultant’s deep technology and systems understanding allow us to offer unparallel consulting services the Nextgen Integrated Technologies and Innovative Systems.

Our consultants bring hands-on experience and domain expertise in deploying enterprise technology systems across the world. We have helped many private sector clients with their large-scale and complex technology implementations, some with price tag as big as $1 billion. We bring that expertise and lessons learnt to the consulting services we provide, including Business Processes from Manufacturing industry, Information Security from Finance industry, Supply Chain Management from Telecom industry, Transportation and Logistics Management from Retail Industry and Business Ethics from Government industries.