Our Story

Jignesh Patel, the CEO of Niti Systems, has over 23 years of experience leading technology innovation in the transportation industry. He is a Certified Technology Architect, Certified Change Manager, Certified Project Manager and holds numerous other technology certifications. Formed as a DBE and MBE firm, Niti Systems is now registered in 35 states. Our staff reflect a strong cross-section of the rich diversity that is America, including multiple ethnicities and nationalities, women and men.

Niti Systems has grown rapidly since its launch in 2019. Niti Systems is now a collective of more than 30 professionals, including more than 20 certified Project Management Professionals, all of whom are considered top in their fields of expertise. Jignesh’s vision for connected smart cities, smart transit and smart infrastructure, along with our cadre of consultants’ deep technology and transportation systems understanding, allows NITI Systems to offer unparalleled consulting services. Our cadre of experts bring the expertise and lessons learned from their richly varied backgrounds to the consulting services we provide, including:

  • Business processes from the manufacturing industry,
  • Information security from the finance industry,
  • Supply chain management from the telecom industry,
  • Transportation logistics management from the retail industry
  • Business Ethics and Quality Controls from government industries, and
  • In depth knowledge of transit agency operations from the transit Industry


Our transit agency customers include Atlanta’s MARTA system, the City of Atlanta, the Atlanta Regional Commission, Chicago Area Transit, the Jacksonville Transit Authority, Vancouver’s TransLink, Pennsylvania’s SEPTA, Washington D.C.’s WMATA, the RMTC in Rockford, MA, Dallas’ DART, Maryland’s MTA, the BJCTA in Birmingham/Jefferson County AL, LACMTA in Los Angeles County, LA Metro, Long Beach Transit, San Francisco’s MTC, and Sacramento’s RTD.

What’s in the name?

Niti Systems derives its name from one of the oldest languages in the world – Sanskrit.  As one of the oldest documented members of the Indo-European family of languages, the Sanskrit language was termed as Deva-Vani (‘Deva’ Gods – ‘Vani’ language)

The word Niti translates to a couple of meanings in English:

  1. Policy – which focuses on set of plans or principles that is used as a basis for making decisions in business or economics.
  2. Morality – which focuses on the ethical belief that some behavior is right and acceptable, and that other behavior is wrong.

We believe our corporate culture and our services resonate very well with our name.  Our commitment to provide the policy and planning support for world-class technologies, while adhering to our ethical business acumen for customers and our staff members.