Niti’s Systems Engineering

Niti’s Systems Engineering approach is the foundation of all our systems implementation consulting services. All of our resources are either certified or trained in the FTA approved Systems Engineering approach for Systems Life-Cycle including early Concept Development, Requirements Definition, Architecture Analysis and Design, Specification Development, Alternative Analysis and Recommendations, System Deployment, Quality Assurance and Testing, System Validation and Verification (V&V), Operation and Maintenance Support and System Retirement Planning.

Our extensive experience with complex systems implementation at numerous public sector clients has allowed us to develop and refine multiple custom tools, frameworks and templates for each state of Systems Engineering life-cycle. We can leverage and customize these tools to streamline the deployment process and avoid pitfalls.

Project Name: Georgia Commute Options Evaluation 2020

As a sub to Cambridge Systematics, the Niti Systems team supported ARC’s development and implementation of a Software Integration Plan for the Georgia Commute Options database. Niti Systems Consultants are utilizing Systems Engineering processes and strategies and helping with data collection using qualitative and qualitative research methods including surveys, interviews, and case studies. The Niti team will be researching technologies through in-depth assessments of various software tools and providing a SWOT Analysis for each integration approach. The final product will be creating a software integration roadmap with blueprint and design.

Project Name: Information Technology Strategic Alignment Services

Niti Systems consultants were contracted by SacRT to conduct an assessment and make recommendations to upgrade the agency’s computer hardware and software to better align the agency’s business goals with its IT functionality. Specific tasks included:

• Evaluate current IT organizational structure

• Evaluate current IT positions and roles

• Evaluate the IT technology portfolio Ultimately, SacRT is trying to answer the following question: “Using the recommendations from the 2019 assessment as a baseline, are we on a track in meeting the agency’s needs and if not, what should be changed?”

To achieve the agency’s objectives, Niti Systems consultants conducted interviews with their IT staff and reviewed previously published technical assessment documents. Final deliverables to SacRT included:

• IT Job Descriptions

• Identification of gaps between IT and Business Departments, and a strategy to close these gaps

• IT organization structure recommendations

• IT staffing recommendations

• A final document and presentation of key recommendations to executive leadership