Total Quality Management

We live in an increasingly competitive world. In response to ever increasing competition and aggressive deadlines, the businesses are looking at innovative ways to accelerate the implementation timeline. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Rapid Product Development (RPD) frameworks have frameworks and cultures promotes the structured process for deployment of systems and products in the shortest possible time.

Niti Systems has developed a custom Rapid Process Development Framework (RPDF) to support our Agile Project Management (APM) approach. The RPDF was developed by using our domain expertise and industry best practices. The goal of RPDF is to leverage our baseline processes and structured approach for rapid documentation of the current state processes and analyze the future state. Each baseline processes gets tweaked and personalized for your unique needs based on various parameters defined in the RPDF. RFPS combines the rigors of business process reengineering within a project life cycle to perform the comprehensive business process transformation.