Our training approach and methodology goes hand in hand with our Organizational Change Management approach and is based on the proven ADKAR Model created by PROSCI. PROSCI developed a simple but powerful model to help drive successful change. The ADKAR® Model is one of the most widely-requested and sought-after models for change management.

We recognize that training programs are not “one size fits all”, and that each organization has their unique setup, needs and requirements. Therefore, at the start of this project our team works closely with the project team to review the organization structure, staffing levels, functional scope, business processes, technology, and organizational considerations. Our Training Experts assess this information as create tailormade training program. Our Training Development Methodology includes six major phases: Analysis, Design, Prototype, Development, Finalize and Delivery.

Analysis: Analysis starts the methodology phases and include the activities to verify the current goals, scope, and expected deliverables and examine the target audience and business processes to provide the inputs for the Design phase

Design: The design phase includes the key activities to build the structure of the training and the individual courses.

Prototype: The prototype phase provides the opportunity to develop standards and example training outputs for review and approval.

Develop: The development phase is the core of the develop methodology. In this phase, all the course materials prepared for use.

Finalize: The finalize phase is where each course is reviewed in a final walk through to allow MTA to see final product and provide any final feedback or corrections prior to the training delivery.

Deliver: This phase is the final activity in the methodology and consists of two parts.