Electronic Fare Payment

Electronic Fare Payment

A modern Fare Payment System uses a combination of Smart Cards (TAP Card), Open Loop Fare Media (Credit Cards), NFC enabled Media (mostly smartphones), QR barcode media (smartphones, paper printouts), Bluetooth beacons and other combinations. As one of the premiere fare payment consulting team with over 15 successful implementations, we have successfully aided transit agencies with their electronic payment needs including systems assessment, feasibility assessment, specification development, strategic planning, regional collaboration, system procurement, project planning and implementation, quality assurance, testing and maintenance support. Our team has developed end-to-end fare payment systems and has implemented some of the most complex regional, inter-operable Fare Payment implementations. Below are a few sample projects:

Orlando Sunrail  – New Fare Collection System and Equipment Implementation

Niti Systems team is leading the Project/Program Management effort for an implementation of a state of the art Fare Collection System for Orlando Sunrail.  Our team will manage the team of Fare Collection solutions team, subcontractors and vendors to deliver, implement and manage the Project.  We are managing all aspects of the project including staffing, scheduling and communication procedures for controlling all correspondence, Submittals and other communications between the Vendor and the Department and other Agencies, as well as communications with other third-party entities

Orlando Sunrail

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) – Smartcard Modernization

The NSC team will support an effort to upgrade and modernize MARTA’s existing Smartcard based Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system to a state-of-the-art modern Electronic Fare Payment System. Our team will help MARTA implement the new Fare Collection System with a focus on with addition of new functionality and the replacement of aging equipment with the goal(s) of Increasing cost efficiency, improving reliability, aligning with customers’ modernized payment needs, aligned with market-sensitive customer expectations, providing equitable service and fare policy and expanding integration within the region.

Boston MBTA – New Fare Collection System

NSC members are a part of the team that is supporting the implementation of MBTA’s new Fare Collection system. Our consultants are providing Subject Matter Expertise for back-office system configurations, requirements management, business processes, patron website, employer programs, fare policy, systems integration, payment rules and velocity controls.

Maryland MTA – Fare Payment System Assessment

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel worked with the MTA to perform an in-depth assessment of their existing Fare Payment System. The assessment focused on the hardware/equipment, business processes, software solution, reporting system, fare media and regional integration. Upon successful delivery of the assessment report, Jignesh supported the agency with assessment of various options for system upgrade and provided recommendations for the future system, along with an implementation roadmap and innovative financing strategies.

Palm Tran – Fare Collection Modernization

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel helped the Palm Tran agency with assessment of their current system, recommendations for their future system, regional integration support and a roadmap for future implementation. Palm Tran’s aging Fare Collection system was unable to support the regional integration goals of South Florida transportation providers. Jignesh and team reviewed the current system and the region’s integration goals and provided tailored recommendations for a future system, along with an implementation roadmap.

VIA San Antonio – Automated Fare Collection

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel supported VIA with Project/Program Management services for Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System implementation projects. Jignesh led team of AFC subject matter experts supported the agency with vendor proposal analysis, contract negotiation, business process analysis and project management services to VIA for fare payment system implementation.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – Breeze Farecard Audit

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel helped the Atlanta Regional Commission with a Breeze farecard system Clearinghouse Audit and introduced Internal Controls. The Breeze Clearinghouse is a revenue settlement system used to determine and settle revenue transactions to and due from the various Atlanta Regional Transit Partners.

SEPTA – New Payments Technologies

SEPTA was one of the first major agencies to implement an Account Based and Open Payments based Fare Payment system in the country. Before starting Niti Systems, our founder Jignesh Patel provided systems engineering and technology advisory services to SEPTA for their New Payments Technologies project. As part of this assessment, we provided a future roadmap including a Technology Plan and a Staffing Plan. Jignesh and team also performed an in-depth technology assessment for the existing enterprise systems at SEPTA to provide tailored integration and data migration and integration blueprint with the future Fare Payment system.

LA Metro – TAP Farecard Assessment

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel performed an assessment and technical specifications of the Regional TAP Support Center (RTSC) components for their TAP program including areas such as Call Center Operations, Reduced Fare Program, Employer Program, Third Party Vendor Network, Regional Operations, Clearing & Settlement, System Administration and Reporting Systems.

Atlanta Streetcar, Inc.- Mobile Solutions

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel worked with the Atlanta Streetcar to explore the return of the electric streetcar to Peachtree Street and support various Mobile Solutions, including a mobile ticketing solution. Jignesh led a team of consultants that helped the agency with technology specifications development, vendor selection and implementation of the Mobile Ticketing Fare Payment System.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) – Smartcard Implementation

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel guided JTA through the successful roll-out of their smartcard-based fare collection and Mobile Ticketing implementation (STAR Card). Jignesh helped JTA streamline an existing fare collection system and contract close-out for a smartcard-based Fare Collection system. Jignesh also helped the agency with technical specifications development, procurement support, proposal evaluation, pilot project implementation and project management support for their mobile ticketing system.

Minneapolis Metro Transit – Fare Collection System Assessment

Our founder Jignesh Patel successfully helped Metro Transit with an assessment of their current state Fare Collection System, providing an alternatives assessment and recommendation for a future system. The assessment focused on the hardware/equipment, asset management strategies, business processes, software solutions, reporting system and fare media alternatives.

Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) – Smartcard System Development

Between 2005 and 2007 Jignesh Patel helped MARTA with a successful implementation of the first 100% smartcard-based fare collection system in the US. Our consultants supported the agency with Technology Architecture, Systems Integration, PCI Compliance, Back-Office System Configuration, Business Process Definition, Website Development and Vendor Management System.