Chief Information Officer Support

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support

In a one of kind service offering, Niti founder Jignesh Patel had an opportunity to step in as an interim CIO for various transit agencies in an interim capacity and help stabilize and turn around the IT departments during their time of turmoil.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)

On two separate occasions – first in 2014 and again in 2016, Jignesh stepped in as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead the technology and innovations initiatives in order to support business goals and service delivery. Helped JTA successfully complete the ERP project within 9 months of kickoff. Improve JTA services effectiveness through technology by focusing on best business value of technology.

State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)/Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA)

Jignesh stepped in as an interim CIO at SRTA/GRTA in 2017 to support the entire IT department with the leadership during the merge of GRTA and SRTA as well as an entire office move. Implemented “Enterprise Architecture” initiative at JTA in order to properly align business and technology.

Palm Beach Transit (Palm Tran)

Jignesh stepped in an interim CIO at Palm Tran to manage their IT department to oversee activities of the staff to support technology infrastructure, provide project support and develop strategic technology roadmap. Performed organizational assessment, systems assessment and helped with reorganization of the entire department in order to create an efficient and reliable structure.

San Diego MTS

Jignesh supported the San Diego MTS with the selection of their new CIO as well as providing mentoring and coaching to the newly elected CIO.