Emerging Mobility Solutions

Emerging Mobility Solutions

Our team is in tune with the emerging technologies and its application to solve the most complex mobility issues. We have supported multiple agencies with innovative solutions around Connected Vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Multi-modal Transit systems and other.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) – Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C)

In one-of-a-kind Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) pilot for the JTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Niti Systems Consultants helped the agency with development of a technology roadmap, architecture definition, systems engineering support and planning for their Ultimate Urban Connecter (U2C) program. Our consultants provided technical expertise for their regional ITS architecture and enterprise system integration.

DriveOhio I-70 Truck Automation Corridor: ATCMTD Grant

Niti Systems is supporting Ohio DOT with Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies (ATCMTD) deployment for their I-70 corridor.  The task consists of of the three technology tracks—truck platooning, L2 automation, and L4 automation. The focus is on the advanced deployments and adoption of truck automation technologies by the logistics industry, integrated into daily “revenue service” operations to deliver all types of products across Ohio and Indiana.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – PlanIt Project Management Upgrade

The Niti Systems team helped ARC with an assessment review and development plan to upgrade PlanIt – ARC’s current project management database. Our team is supporting ARC with the development of an updated and efficient project database system for use by internal ARC staff for project programming maintenance, generating project list reports, and regional federal fund balancing exercises.

National Transit Institute (NTI) – Regional ITS Architecture Training

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel worked with National Transit Institute (NTI) to develop and deliver a training course for the regional ITS architecture. The version of the architecture combines pieces from the Connected Vehicles Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA). Jignesh developed various use cases (Services Packages) for emerging mobility solutions and the content for a 2-day training course.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – Regional ITS Architecture

Helping the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) develop a Regional ITS Architecture, Jignesh Patel supported the effort with an emerging technology assessment, regional ITS deployment review, and identification for the pilot projects based on the emerging mobility concepts such as multi-modal transportation integration and Mobility-as-a-Service.

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) – Mobility-As-A-Service Development

The Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel worked on a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Concept Development for the Greater Dayton RTA. We performed a service review of Dayton RTA’s paratransit and shared use mobility modes and provided recommendations on a future mobility-as-service platform for the Greater Dayton region supported by an integrated payments system.