Technology Services

Technology Consulting

In the era when the technology moves at the lightspeed, it is very difficult to predict how the future technologies will shape and influence the industry landscape. Breakthrough technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, In-Memory Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT), Semantic Technologies and others continue to provide exciting opportunities that were not possible just a few years back. Coupled with the flexible options offered by the Cloud Computing, Smart Infrastructure and other disruptive technologies allows to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the customer satisfaction.

NCS team has extensive experience deploying innovative technology solutions based on proven as well as cutting edge technologies. Our Enterprise Architecture Based approach and hands-on experience allows us to tailor our offerings and services for each industry and specifically for each agency’s unique needs. Our consultants work with your team to help achieve your business goals by leveraging your existing technology investments, recommending latest and proven technologies, design thinking approach with solutions that perfectly fits your agency and your culture. We can help you with Technology Assessment, Strategies, Planning, Systems Implementation, Quality Assurance, Testing, System Administration and Support.

Technology Governance

With technology becoming an integral part of businesses, the agencies are becoming more and more dependent on their information systems. The formal processes of IT Governance Framework were developed in response to the growing needs for structured approach that would allow greater accountability, efficient use of technology resources, measuring IT performance, provide better control and provide better synergies between business and IT. Information and technology (IT) governance is a subset of corporate governance and focuses largely on IT controls and Risks.

Niti Systems IT Governance framework approach starts with the selection of the right tools and technologies for your unique needs. Our expertise in the travel and transportation business model, combined with our deep understanding of technology offers us a unique position to help our clients with their IT Governance needs. We can help agencies demonstrate measurable results against business goals, meet the legal and regulatory obligations, ensure stakeholders confidence in IT and ensure best business value from the IT investments.

Technology Integration and Cloud Computing

Public agencies spend huge sum of money on modernizing their technology infrastructure and streamline their business processes. However, as the technology capabilities continue to grow, the real challenge that most agencies face is to eliminate data siloes and keep various systems in sync. Most agencies have a good mix of various legacy systems, applications built in-house, third party applications and newly acquired systems that operate across multiple data centers, system platforms, workstations and geographic locations. Agencies must create a well-planned Technology Integration strategy to provide efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between systems, reduce data siloes and optimize the workflow by enhancing business processes across the diverse applications.

NCS consultants and certified technology architects can help you create Enterprise Application Integration strategy and framework that is flexible, scalable and will continue to evolve as the technologies change. We have successfully helped various agencies with their integration effort between a vast variety of technologies, platforms and locations with comprehensive access and full visibility into their systems and data.

Information Security

The growing list of security breaches continues to give the agencies and their CIOs sleepless nights. Information security has an extremely vital role in today’s fast moving, but invariably technically fragile business environment. By and large, research indicates that cybercrime is on the rise and more and more agencies and corporations find themselves in the crosshairs of cyberattacks. A conservative estimate from a well-known research firm estimates the cybercrime will generate over $2 trillion profit this year. There are multiple ways hackers can target the agency data. This include network snooping, denial-of-service, database protocol attacks, SQL injection attacks, worms and viruses, non-secured backups, destruction of data, misplacement/stealing of backup data, and the list continues to grow with many emerging and innovative techniques.

The agencies need trusted partner to assess their preparedness, evaluate options available and help them secure their technology infrastructure. As the push for Smart Cities, Smart Transit and Smart Infrastructure grows the list of vulnerable technology assets grow multifold. This includes computers, servers, networks and communication systems, databases, field equipment, IOT sensors, and other. NCS team with our vast experience helping agencies across the country with their information security can help you with a multi-layered approach to protect your vulnerable IT infrastructure. We can help with creation of formal security policy, compliance with legislation and standards, separation of duties, data classification and retention policies, access control policies and employee training.

Data Driven Decisions

Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Big Data have created quite a buzz in the recent times, and all for the right reasons. As the transit and transportation operators, DOTs, MPOs, cities, counties and governments continue to deploy a wide variety of technology infrastructure across the region, they continue to collect and process a huge amount of data. Agencies continue to leverage the wealth of data available for more informed decisions that improves the efficiencies and effectiveness of their system, help reduce the cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Having a right strategy not only for Data Analytics, but for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that covers the full spectrum of structured and unstructured data across the enterprise is the key. NCS consultants can help you implement the right governance structure, tools, processes and framework for your agency’s data. Our data management approach starts with aim of improving the four Cs – Completeness, Cleanliness, consistency and Currency (how current is your data). We understand that in the era of cloud computing, IOT and blockchain, if the data is not processed in a timely manner, it can lose up to 97% of its relevance. That’s why we have developed the framework and policies for real-time analytics of the large quantities of data to ensure that our clients have pulse of their operational efficiencies in the real-time.