As the passenger and freight vehicles continue to rapidly leverage emerging technologies and communications systems, the toll infrastructure, including toll highways, bridges and tunnels continue to use more technology to speed transactions and enhance the motorist experience. Most agencies have moved away or making an active push to move away from cash with the help of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). As more and more states and DOTs get ready for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), the tolling agencies are bracing for the tremendous potential of the AVs to improve safety, boost economic efficiency and make freight handling more reliable. This presents a few unique opportunities for tolling agencies including collection of real-time data about traveler preferences, choices, patterns, traffic conditions, mode choices, trip times and other.

As the focus shifts to creating Interoperable tolling systems based on IBTTA’s National Interoperability (NIOP) business rules the agencies are exploring options such as use of Mobile Devices as toll payment platform for tolling, payment processing and road-user charge. The AV only dedicated tolling lanes could present additional benefits of narrow lanes and streamlined movement on the lane and during the entry/exit points.

The NCS team has comprehensive knowledge of the technical and operational aspects of conventional and state of the art toll systems and express lanes. NCS staff can help the tolling agencies with Policy and Rules Development, Concept Exploration, Concept of Operations, Specifications Development, Procurement Support, Project Management, Testing, Operations and Management Support and System Implementation Support. We believe the that the true mobility systems of the future will allow seamless integration of various mobility modes and systems such as tolling, transit, parking, ridesharing, bike-sharing and others in a single platform for a convenient, safe, predictable and cost-effective solution. Our deep technology experience and understanding of the standards for the system interoperability allows us to help our clients efficiently deploy the Nextgen mobility solutions.