Transit Planning

Transit Planning

Niti Systems has focused primarily on public sector and have helped many government agencies with their transportation planning, systems assessment and project implementation needs. Our team have developed unique frameworks specially focused on transit and transportation field based on systems engineering and enterprise architecture approach.

Gwinnett County – Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Niti Systems is supporting Gwinnett County with their Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) Update. The CTP Update will identify future transportation needs, projects that address those needs, and the advantages, costs, and potential funding sources for those projects. The CTP is paired with the Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan with an aim to define the long-term comprehensive vision for growth of the County, and a plan for investment in the County’s transportation system and other supporting infrastructure. The CTP will help the county plan for growth and needs for the near term, mid-range and long-range, with an ultimate horizon year of 2046.

Cobb County Transit (CCT) – On-Call Task Order Contracting

Niti Systems is part of a team that is supporting CCT with Transportation Planning and Environmental Services. The Niti team will assist CCT with a wide variety of scope, including traffic modeling, bicycle and pedestrian planning, mass transit planning, airport/aviation systems planning, small area studies, urban design plans, roadway operations planning, public involvement planning, transportation research, transportation demand management, development of application packages for Federal and state grants, and other duties related to the overall mission of CCDOT.

San Francisco MTC – Governance Consultants Bench Contract

Niti Systems is supporting San Francisco MTC with strategies and recommendations to guide the recovery of public transit and its role in the region, as it adjusted to new conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are part of a pool of contract MTC selected to with various goals including – Improving Project-Level Governance, Support and Evaluation of Functional and Full Consolidations of Transit Agencies, Establishing New Sub-Regional and Regional Governance and Administration and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to Multiple Areas of Transit Decision Making, Administration/Management and Operations.

WMATA Planning Support

Niti Systems is part of a team supporting WMATA’s on-call multi-disciplinary planning contract to support their diverse planning needs. Our team will support various departments and teams at WMATA including – Office of Planning (PLAN), Office of Bus Planning and Scheduling (BPLN), Office of Transit Assessment Management (TAMO), Office of Sustainability (SUST), Office of Capital Program Management (OCPM), Office of Performance (OPP) and Office of Strategic Initiatives (STIN).

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – Georgia Commute Options Program

The Niti Systems team supported ARC with their Georgia Commute Option (GCO) program evaluation effort. This Transportation Demand Management (TDM) effort for the Atlanta metropolitan area consists of software evaluation, integration planning, CRM System/Ridematching software market research and project management support. The ARC TDM program consists of marketing, employer/property manager outreach, commuter outreach, and a suite of commuter incentives, which operates as the regional TDM brand, and seven local Transportation Management Associations (TMA) operating within specific employment centers.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) – Regional Project Planning Database

Niti Systems consultants developed an efficient project database system for use by ARC team for project programming maintenance, generating project list reports, and regional federal fund balancing exercises. Our team performed an integration with GIS module to assist with visualizing the project locations. Our team performed a needs assessment, software technical review and functional review to create tailored recommendations for the system upgrade.

BJCTA – Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) and Transit Planning

Niti founder Jignesh Patel supported BJCTA with the development of a Short Range and Long-Range Transit Plan (LRTP). This plan, also referred to as a Unified Transit Development Plan and Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) allowed the agency to identify opportunities for enhanced/modified service, identify technology trends, identify funding sources, document the service gaps and create a database of that GIS information.

JTA – Route Optimizations Initiative

Niti founder Jignesh Patel helped the Jacksonville Transportation Authority for a complete system redesign called Route Optimization Initiative (ROI). As part of the JTA IT Department, the Niti consultants worked closely with the Planning and Operations departments to design, engineer and build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiative. This ROI project has greatly helped the JTA customers with transportation options that allow a timelier transit experience.