Zero Emissions

Long Beach Transit BEV Procurement Support

Niti Systems was hired by Long Beach Transit to support them with the procurement of 50 fully electric buses.  The agency is looking to purchase fully loaded electric vehicles along with charging infrastructure and various technology solutions pre-installed in the vehicles.  These systems would be managed by a Vehicle Logic Unit (VLU) that acts as a gateway for the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL), Automated Passenger Counting (APC) systems, Scheduling software and other communication to the LBT control center.  The vehicles will also come installed with a Mobile Gateway Router to provide communication backbone for the VLU as well as offer the Wi-Fi onboard for the passengers.  Besides these, the vehicles will come pre-installed with a full surveillance system, including an onboard Digital Video Recorder (DVR), video cameras and a GPS unit.

Niti Systems supported the agency with concept of operations, assessment, technical specifications for vehicles and project management for this effort.  Our consultants are also supporting the design, installation/deployment plans and project management for the existing fleet of vehicles to match the new technology solutions that will be deployed on the new vehicles. Niti Systems successfully delivered the project with 100% scope, within schedule and budget.  Budget for this project was $150,000.

Metropolitan Council (Minneapolis) Transit Fleet Electrification Program Management

Niti System consultants is supporting Metropolitan Council to provide Program Management Services for its fleet of 650 vehicles to transition to the electric buses. This effort will require a fully integrated program management approach, not unlike the models Metro Transit has successfully implement for its New Starts and ABRT programs. We understand the Metro Transit needs for program management services will vary as it embarks on implementing electric vehicles. Program Management services may include, but are not limited to the following types of tasks:
• Establishing program management frameworks
• Surveys of available funding sources for capital and operating expenses
• Energy modeling and tariff analysis
• Competitive funding application assistance (ongoing)
• Energy management and smart infrastructure planning
• Development and refinement of standard operating procedures
• Alternative delivery models