Data Analytics

WMATA – Data Analytics and Fare Service Model

Niti System consultants are supporting WMATA with the development of a model and end-user tool that assists WMATA staff with estimating the impacts of changes to fares, fare products, and service levels on ridership and revenue. The Niti team worked alongside WMATA staff in the development of this internal capability under the direction of the project manager within PLAN, implementing an iterative, agile software development protocol to deliver regular, usable interim deliverables early and often over the period of performance.

SEPTA – Data Warehouse Solution

Niti Systems team is supporting SEPTA with their central Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution implementation. We are focusing on building and maintaining a data analytics framework for ridership data to serve the needs of stakeholders and end users and then scale to a continuously updating solution for business intelligence.

Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)- Data Assessment

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel helped MARTA on many initiatives, including an in-depth assessment of various ITS systems to measure their operations efficiencies, data quality, business processes, staff training and staffing level to help understand the regional ridership trends and factors impacting the ridership. The scope included review of various ITS systems deployed, their effectiveness, the data analytics strategy and the Regional ITS collaboration. The data assessment included amount, type, and quality of data from multiple data sources, such as smart cards, GPS vehicle locations, mobile apps, social networks and others to estimate and predict travel demand, explore behavioral regularities, quantify service reliabilities and evaluate travel demand management program.

DART – Big Data Analytics Services

Niti Systems Consultants helped DART with the Big Data SaaS analytics services for fixed route Real Time arrival predictions, and historical analysis of service delivery for DART. Our team provided a cloud-based solution for data migration, processing and visualization for real-time vehicle monitoring capabilities, including a web browser-based map display of routing, stops and vehicle locations.

TransLink – Business Intelligence Strategy

Niti Systems founder Jignesh Patel helped Translink in Vancouver to complete an integrated Business Intelligence Strategy for various large-scale technology systems deployed throughout Translink and other city agencies. This strategy addressed the current and future transportation needs of the region, including strategic goals and objectives around the TransLink’s additional service offerings, increased performance levels and other criteria.