On an average technology projects go over budget by 27% and roughly 17% projects see the budge overrun by 200%. A mature Systems Engineering approach to managing projects would help agencies implement systems that meets the needs to the system user within budget on schedule. Our structure Systems Engineering approach is based on our hands on industry experience and lessons
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As the technology landscape gets increasingly complex, getting a holistic view of the entire organization and its technology systems and assets is critical Enterprise Architecture provides an effective framework for proper alignment of business vision, goals and value to technology capabilities of the organization
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Organizational Change Management

Most business transformation efforts fail to achieve desired results as they focus on the process and technology piece while ignoring the people aspect. A successful Organizational Transformation effort requires equal emphasize on the People, Process and Technology. Our OCM approach focuses on enabling individuals and the organization to adopt change in the most effective manner
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Business Process Management

In an ever-changing business environment where current state is always in flux and future state is a moving target, an effective BPM strategy that focuses on sustainable business change through stakeholder involvement, structured approach and measurable metrics can provide foundation for continuous improvements.
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Our approach is based on a unique blend of hands-on experience and industry best practices tailored for each of our client’s needs specifically.  Our domain expertise allows us to quickly understand and document the business goals, visions and processes that are unique for each agency and then use technology and systems as an enabler to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner, using our custom framework. Our disciplined and structured approach based on the FTA approved Systems Engineering approach, coupled with our certified staff in the areas of Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Software Architecture and Software Development will help you with your full lifecycle services and solution needs.

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