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Transit Systems Consulting

Consulting that delivers exceptional business returns from Transit & Transportation technology.

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Our Services

Our expertise lies in strategic know-how of transit systems, proficiency with underlying technologies and a tailored delivery framework based on our in-depth experience.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Niti Systems excels globally in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) assessment, planning, operations, engineering, integration, and program delivery.

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Systems Assessment / Implementation

An in-depth understanding of the transportation systems allows us to offer insightful consulting services for systems assessment, prioritization and action planning.

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Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems

Niti Systems boasts 15+ years of fare payment and systems implementation experience, implementing AFC systems of all sizes with 15+ agencies throughout North America.

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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary process targeting cost management, lead time reduction, error minimization, risk reduction, and product validation.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Niti Systems brings a wealth of experience in EAM solutions of all sizes and flavors to aid public agencies in seamless EAM implementations.

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Intelligent Transport Systems

Niti Systems excels globally in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) assessment, planning, operations, engineering, integration, and program delivery.

Intelligent Transport Systems

The realm of transportation technology has undergone a significant metamorphosis, witnessing a rapid surge in services, modes, and business models that were once deemed implausible a decade ago.

These advancements have left a profound impact on transportation services across various levels, from local and regional agencies to national networks, and hold the promise of even more accelerated evolution in the future. The realization of integrated mobility solutions and smart cities is contingent upon the pivotal role that Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) will play. ITS encompasses a broad area of electronics, communications, and information processing systems, either individually or combined, to enhance mobility, safety, and the reliability of travel times.

As transit service providers strive for seamless mobility solutions, the significance of Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies becomes apparent. These strategies maximize the efficiency, safety, and utility of existing and planned transportation infrastructure. The Regional TSMO Vision, in conjunction with Regional ITS Architecture, offers tools for stakeholders to devise forward-looking, multimodal roadmaps that accelerate the impact of transformative technology while effectively managing associated risks.

Intelligent Transport Systems

At Niti Systems, we understand that the future of transportation heavily relies on autonomous vehicles, extensive data consolidation, machine learning algorithms, crowd-sourcing, and real-time information exchange. Leveraging our global experience, we specialize in ITS systems assessment, planning, operations, systems engineering, integration, and program delivery. Collaborating directly with transit agencies, DOTs, MPOs, and other transportation management entities, we offer comprehensive support for end-to-end ITS deployment. Our services encompass regional ITS architecture development, concept exploration, Concept of Options (Conops) development, technical and functional specifications, system design, testing, system validation, and operation and maintenance.

The Niti Systems team has played a pivotal role in projects involving Highway ITS, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI), Computer-Based Train Control (CBTC), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Communications Systems, Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Surveillance and Safety Systems, among others. Our clients include prominent agencies across the world such as Administrative Capital Urban District (ACUD – Cairo, Egypt), Ministry of Defense (Egypt) Los Angeles Metro, New York City Transit, MARTA, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, SEPTA, VIA (San Antonio), South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, BART, and more.

Our Intelligent Transportation Systems services include:
  • ITS Architecture

  • TSMO Strategies

  • ITS Planning/Strategies/Framework

  • ITS Implementation

  • ITS Operation and Maintenance

  • Systems Engineering

  • Systems Engineering

  • Systems Integration

Case Studies

We Have experience of working with multiple agencies and projects.

Bloomington ITS Support
Palm Tran ITS Assessment
Los Angeles Metro – Freeway Service Patrol Technology Systems
Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) ITS Implementation
Long Beach Transit ITS Procurement Support
Atlanta Streetcar Real Time Passenger Information Assessment
Transit Authority of River City (TARC) – Management Consulting Professional Services – IDIQ
South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) – Real Time Passenger Information Assessment
Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Vehicle Technology Procurement
City of Durham – Transit Fleet and Technology Support Services
Why Niti?
Our core values: Strategic expertise, tech proficiency, high-performance team management, and a passion for modern delivery

Why Choose Niti System?

Our values are anchored in the strategic know-how we bring to the table, a deep understanding of technology, proficiency at managing high-performing teams, and a passion for modern delivery processes.

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Niti System's Approach

  • Niti’s Systems Engineering
    Niti's Systems Engineering is the cornerstone of our systems implementation consulting. Our certified resources follow the FTA-approved Systems Engineering approach, covering the entire Systems Lifecycle—from Concept Development and Requirements Definition to Architecture Analysis, Design, Specification Development, Alternative Analysis, System Deployment, Quality Assurance, Testing, Validation and Verification (V&V), Operation and Maintenance Support, and System Retirement Planning. With vast experience in complex systems implementation for public sector clients, we've honed custom tools, frameworks, and templates for every stage of the Systems Engineering lifecycle. These resources, tailored to each phase, enable us to streamline deployment and navigate challenges effectively.
  • Organizational Change Management and Community Outreach
    Niti System's Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy embraces the proven ADKAR framework by PROSCI. Our tailored approach includes tools and templates for Stakeholder Management, Organizational Alignment, Communications Strategy, Corporate Governance, Performance Measurement and Improvement, Business Process Transformation, and Change Management Monitoring. For employee development, our customized method involves competency assessment, skill enhancement, and knowledge transfer/training activities. Leveraging our public sector experience, our Community Outreach method, embedded in the OCM toolkit, ensures effective communication planning, stakeholder engagement, and community outreach strategies. Our certified Change Managers guide the process, supported by a skilled team of communications experts. From concept to design to delivery, our strategy emphasizes continuous feedback and evaluation, refining the approach for optimal effectiveness.
  • Training
    Our training philosophy seamlessly integrates with Organizational Change Management, anchored in the renowned ADKAR Model by PROSCI. This model, acclaimed for its simplicity and effectiveness, is widely sought after for driving successful change. Understanding that training programs are not universally applicable, we embark on each project with a meticulous review. Our team collaborates closely with yours to assess organization structure, staffing levels, functional scope, business processes, technology, and organizational considerations. This personalized approach ensures that our Training Development Methodology, comprised of six key phases, is tailored to your unique needs. Analysis: Initiating our methodology, we delve into verifying current goals, scope, and expected deliverables. We meticulously examine the target audience and business processes, providing essential inputs for the Design phase. Design: This phase involves key activities to construct the training structure and individual courses, ensuring a robust foundation for effective learning. Prototype: Our prototype phase offers a preview, developing standards and exemplary training outputs for thorough review and approval. Develop: At the core of our methodology, the development phase sees the meticulous preparation of all course materials for practical use. Finalize: In the finalize phase, each course undergoes a comprehensive review, allowing stakeholders to provide feedback before the training delivery. Deliver: Concluding our methodology, the delivery phase comprises two essential parts, ensuring a seamless and impactful training experience. In every step, we integrate the expertise of our Training Experts, creating a bespoke training program tailored to your organization's distinctive setup, needs, and requirements.
  • Business Process Management
    In a fiercely competitive world with escalating competition and pressing deadlines, businesses seek innovative approaches to expedite implementation. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Rapid Product Development (RPD) frameworks advocate a structured process, fostering a culture that accelerates the deployment of systems and products promptly. Niti Systems introduces a tailored solution – the Rapid Process Development Framework (RPDF), aligning with our Agile Project Management (APM) approach. Developed leveraging our domain expertise and industry best practices, the RPDF aims to harness baseline processes and a structured methodology for swift documentation of current state processes. Analyzing the future state, each baseline process is customized to meet unique needs, guided by parameters defined in the RPDF. RFPS integrates business process reengineering rigorously within a project life cycle, effecting comprehensive business process transformation.
  • Total Quality Management
    In a world characterized by escalating competition and pressing deadlines, businesses are actively seeking inventive strategies to expedite the implementation timeline. The structured frameworks of Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Rapid Product Development (RPD) advocate a cultural approach that promotes the swift deployment of systems and products. Niti Systems introduces a bespoke Rapid Process Development Framework (RPDF) to reinforce our Agile Project Management (APM) approach. Crafted leveraging our domain expertise and industry best practices, the RPDF is designed to harness baseline processes and a structured methodology, ensuring the rapid documentation of current-state processes. Through an analysis of the future state, each baseline process is meticulously personalized to meet unique requirements, guided by parameters defined in the RPDF. RFPS seamlessly integrates the rigorous principles of business process reengineering within a project life cycle, orchestrating a comprehensive transformation of business processes.
  • Enterprise Architecture
    Niti Systems adopts a customized Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach, aiming to align an agency's business goals, visions, and processes with technology capabilities and investments. By leveraging technology as an "enabler," we assist agencies in optimizing the business value of their technology investments. Our services ensure selected systems meet client-stated performance goals, align with business objectives, and uphold the highest standards of data quality and integrity. Our engagement begins with meetings involving the client's leadership and management teams, along with relevant stakeholders. We seek to understand and document medium to long-term goals in our tailored frameworks. A comprehensive review follows, analyzing current systems, business processes, technology infrastructure, and staff levels to identify gaps. Utilizing our custom framework based on four Enterprise Architecture domains, we create a future-state vision aligned with the agency's business objectives.
Case Studies
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